About Us - Roofer

Hi, and welcome to my website. I am Jeremy Marshall and I got started designing and building websites some ten years back. Truth be told I am actually a painter and decorator by trade, hence the switch to designing websites was quite overwhelming, nevertheless I slipped into it without difficulty and at present it just is "what I do". Truth be told I've found it an exilerating challenge, developing strategies and applying them, sometimes looking to generate a bit of revenue from it and from time to time simply doing it for the fun of it. This website is a tad of both of those.

I believe that I am not the only guy to have gotten annoyed when checking out sites to get nonstop pop-up windows that offer things I don't want and newsletters I won't read, constant adverts and promotions shoved down my throat which has nothing to do with what I'm hunting for, and also being forced to register or login to accomplish pretty much anything on most sites. I imagine you feel just as I do after the resultant spam emails start appearing in your inbox and its necessary to waste your precious time every day transferring this rubbish to the waste bin?

My website is not dynamic hence stuff is not going to move around or take an age to load up. You will not be expected to sign up or login and I promise you will not receive any crappy e-mails or newsletters. You'll probably notice some promotion and advertising on my site, though it is not stuffed down your gullet. And you will certainly not get pop-ups that you can't figure out how to remove.

Basic, easy to use sites have constantly been my intent, providing content that is quick loading and don't contain rubbish you don't want or need. With luck I have accomplished this here and at least you haven't been frustrated by your time here, maybe you will even have really enjoyed the exercise. I sincerely hope so.

I am not actually a roofer myself therefore please don't contact me with questions connected with roofing or asking for estimates for roofing projects, this website was created to guide you through the variety of ways to find a trustworthy roofer yourself.

I do not endorse or recommend any specific service, I've purely provided a few ways for locating one, the choice is in the end yours alone.

I hope to to see you here once again soon and thanks a lot once again for visiting.